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About Me

John Gaule

I feel very lucky that I get to help people achieve their goals and dreams every week. It is my ‘leave no stone unturned’ approach that has given my clients such success to date. Whether that’s assisting someone with a body composition goal, helping an athlete improve their performance or freeing up a clients headspace around food, I make sure that as a coach I have ticked every box to give my client the best possible chance of achieving their goals.

As an online nutritionist, something that I always remind my clients is, that they are the one who makes the change. They are the one who is pulling the trigger on their habits on a day-to-day basis and thus getting closer to their desired goals. I am just a guide/facilitator to help steer them towards their goals using a variety of tools. Once they realize that, an overwhelming feeling of empowerment is present which is priceless.

I’ve also had the opportunity to deliver presentations to a variety of different groups including transition year students from secondary schools around Ireland as well as to both gyms and GAA clubs in the Munster and Leinster areas.

Outside of my work, I volunteer with the Waterford Under 15 and 16 GAA teams. I have a strong interest in soccer, GAA, hiking, resistance training and animals. I have a grá for all things endurance – so, whether that’s swimming, cycling, running, kayaking etc., I am fascinated by what the human body is truly capable of.  While we may have a finite timeline, we do have unlimited potential.

While I am a nutritionist based in Waterford, I work primarily online. If you have any questions about your nutrition, or are interested in learning more about coaching, please get in touch.

My Mission

To provide you with tailored nutrition & lifestyle advice. This means my coaching & advice adapts to YOUR routine, so you can reach your goals sustainably.

With a masters in Food, Nutrition & Health from UCD along with other qualifications, I’ve helped 300+ clients with a variety of issues:

  • Body Composition
  • Sports Performance (amateurs & Pros)
  • Relationship with Food
  • Digestive Issues
  • Hormone related issues (Hypothalamic amennorhea, PCOS,PMS & More)
  • Lifestyle (energy, sleep, libido)