With online coaching there are 2 plans:

Plan A: 12 weeks. €149 every *4 weeks 


Plan B: 24 weeks. €744 (Worth €894) for 24 weeks. Save €150!


*Ongoing coaching service that rolls every 4 weeks for a minimum of 12 weeks commitment. This ongoing interaction can be led by you so you can get as much value from the service as possible.


So what’s included in the online coaching package?


  • An introduction video call with John
  • A tailored nutrition approach with some recommended lifestyle adjustments (where applicable)
  • A weekly check-in form where soon after you will receive your weekly feedback either via e-mail or video (Replies to check-ins are received within 24 hour – 48 hours)
  • Unlimited e-mail access for any questions that occur outside of your weekly check-in. (E-mails are responded to within 24-48 hours also).
  • An (optional) video/phone call with John every 2-4 weeks (Clients are generally happy to go every 4 weeks but if you feel you would benefit more from having a call every 2 weeks then that can be arranged also).


I ask for a minimum of 12 weeks commitment.


Learning how your body functions, how it responds to your nutrition, creating sustainable habits around your own routine and seeing results  – all take time.

Most importantly, finding a system together, that works for you in the long-term is a process in itself.

The main reason why my clients to date, have not only achieved their goals but maintained them is by creating a sustainable system.

Building this system does not happen overnight.

It is the accumulation of small, daily habits overtime that will yield you your results in a sustainable fashion.

Get the tools to take charge of your nutrition & lifestyle (for the long-term)


Trying to change too much at once often produces a routine that is unsustainable.

It’s like trying to drive a Ferrari before you’ve even learned how to drive.

The result is that you crash the car. Or in the case of coaching; you’ve decided to throw in the towel, because it’s all just a bit too much too soon.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can still make the investment in yourself and build a stronger, healthier and better you. The 1%’s do add up over time. 


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