I provide your organization with nutrition and/or health & well-being seminars in sporting and corporate settings.

I give talks to sporting organizations on how to maximize their team or athletes performance using nutritional and lifestyle suggestions so that they have the edge on their opponents come game/competition day.

 ‘Performance’ is not just for athletes though. In a working environment, we need our employees to perform at their best.

Whether that’s meeting deadlines on time or being able to work effectively with their fellow coworkers, being able to perform on a daily basis matters to your company.

If their nutritional and lifestyle habits are taking life from their lives instead of giving them more life then your employees’ health and wellbeing will suffer and thus your company will suffer too.

 If your employees have the support and tools at their disposal to combat their nutritional and lifestyle banana skins then they can steer their lives towards a healthier and happier version of themselves and enhance their productivity at work.

 If the above is something that you feel your company or organisation would benefit from, then please get in touch.

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