Improve Your Marathon Performance & Times

Get the tools to take control of your marathon nutrition

Not performing to your sporting potential is frustrating...

Considering a Nutritionist to maximize your marathon performance? When your nutrition is not up to scratch, your performance suffers.

Lack of Energy

Marathon runner

Poor Performance

Nutrition for marathon runners.

Digestive Issues

Poor Nutrition = Poor Performance & Poor Results

Have you experienced any of the following?

  • Lack of Energy/running out of energy mid race
  • Digestive issues (cramping, nausea or unexpected toilet stops)
  • Poor recovery 
  • Unfocused
  • Extra weight slowing you down
  • Unsure on doping & best practices

However, with the right nutrition & plan – all of the above an be conquered.

With the right nutritional guidance you can have..

More Energy

female marathon runner nutritionist

Better Performance

marathon runner race

Better Results

Tailored nutrition coaching for marathon runners mean…

  • Have Better times
  • Improve your speed, strength & endurance
  • Optimise body composition
  • Speed up recovery after training & injury
  • Improved immunity
  • Have better concentration & focus
  • Have more confidence
  • Compete at your full potential

What my sports clients say..

“Prior to working with John I was having a lot of stomach discomfort during my runs. I got to the stage where I was eating very little or avoiding food altogether before my runs. This left me with less energy and my training dipped as a result. John guided me on what foods to eat, how much to eat and the timing of them also. I now know exactly what works for me and what doesn’t work for me. Since working with John my training has improved a lot and I no longer have the stomach discomfort. I also just set a new PB in the Cork city Marathon!”

– David, 36 Performance Nutrition

“My best year yet! A new PB in both the Dublin and Cork Marathons. I have never felt as fit. Thank you John”

-Juliana, 31, Performance Nutrition

“Working with John was such a positive experience for me. He was always supportive and encouraging, and he helped me to stay accountable and motivated to make the changes I needed to succeed. I would absolutely recommend John to any athlete who wants to improve their game through nutrition coaching. He is truly an expert in his field and has a gift for helping people make positive changes that stick”

Niamh, 26, Weight Loss and Performance Nutrition

“I didn’t realize how a few small changes to my diet could make such a difference. I was going into my races with a lot of anxiety as there was a constant feeling of not knowing if I was fueling myself correctly or not.

I have had a lot of bad race experiences in the past so getting over this has made such a difference to my races and not only from a performance perspective but I am also enjoying them a hell of a lot more too! John’s knowledge and coaching style is second to none”

– Tomas, 40, Performance Nutrition


I have 3 Marathon nutrition plans:

Online 1-1 Marathon Nutrition Coaching Plan A

Plan A: 12 weeks. €199 every *4 weeks 

Online 1-1 Marathon Nutrition Coaching Plan B

Plan B: 24 weeks. €999 (Worth €1,194) for 24 weeks. Save €195!

Once-off Online Marathon Nutrition Consultation

Price: €129

About John: How I can help your Marathon Performance

Why I’m qualified to help you maximise your running performance:

  • I did 8 triathlons in 8 weeks
  • I’ve completed a Half-Ironman
  • I actively compete in races all over Ireland
  • I work with marathon runners and triathletes
  • I’ve a Masters in Nutrition, ISAK level 1 Accreditation
  • I’ve a Diploma in Performance Nutrition
  • I’ve trained with UKAD on anti-doping including the ‘Introduction to Clean Sport’ certificate

Running is a massive part of my life. And I use my nutrition skills & knowledge to enhance my endurance. I can do the same for you.

You’re coming to a Performance Nutritionist who practices what they preach.

I create customised nutrition plans based on YOUR individual needs, including training schedules, body composition, & nutritional preferences.

Let’s improve your performance together.

Typical Questions I get about Marathons & Nutrition

A performance nutritionist worth their salt, will deliver a tailored plan for you to achieve your goals. They should identify your goals & make a roadmap to get your there with the best nutrition advice.

Unfortunately not all ‘Performance Nutritionists’ deliver on this.

If you decide to work me, this is what you can expect:

  • You should expect an initial Zoom call where we’ll delve into your goals, what you have tried to date & what course of action might be most suitable. 


  • After this, you’ll receive a customized Marathon nutrition plan based on your individual needs including: your training schedule, body composition & nutritional preferences. This plan guides you on your nutrition, lifestyle & supplementation where applicable. 


  • Each week you will check-in with me via a designated link. Here, you will detail how your week went in terms of your nutrition and lifestyle habits.


  • You’ll then receive feedback from me within 24-48 hours via e-mail/voice message/video message/video call. Video calls are offered every 2-4 weeks depending on your personal preference.


  • Any messages sent to me after this, will be responded to in the same time-frame as above (i.e. 24-48 hours).

I work with athletes involved in both marathon and half-marathon races.

My nutrition advice is tailored to your goals.

You will have a check-in day – once per week. Feedback will be given to you within 24-48 hours. Any e-mails after that will be responded to within 24-48 hours.

This is dependent on what suits you best. Feedback is generally sent via e-mail or voice message but video messaging is also another option.

Zoom calls are also offered to the client every 2-4 weeks. The frequency of these calls is also dependent on your own preferences.

How long is a piece of string?! This is dependent on the client & their individual goals. 

Example 1: Some results can start to occur within the first few days. For example, digestive issues that had been hampering a runners performance can potentially be cleared up straight away – by making some changes to their diet and thus improving their performance. 

Example 2: If an athlete is looking to lose some weight for a specific race or event & their current weight is off this target – the timeline can vary. This could be anywhere from a few weeks to more than a year depending on how far they have to go.

In general, since the focus is on education & empowering the athlete through sustainable nutrition and lifestyle changes; I encourage a minimum of 12 weeks commitment. This is the length of time recommended to embed these habits into your life.

If you’re looking to maximize your performance in your sport gain the edge on your opponent(s) then having the nutritional & lifestyle tools at hand is vital.

Shaving time off your own PB all comes back to your nutrition.

Prices in the Republic of Ireland for a once-off consultation with a Performance  Nutritionist can range anywhere from €80-€200/hour depending on your location.

Considering you’re likely to be seeing your nutritionist weekly, the cost becomes unsustainable after a short period of time. That’s why I offer coaching where it is €199 every 4 weeks, which works out at €49.75 per consultation! #ValueForMoney

My nutrition plans are meticulously tailored to accommodate both marathon and half-marathon runners. Both races have unique demands on the body, and my plans reflect that.

Furthermore, by understanding your history and your specific goals and timelines, we can work together to create a plan for YOU.

Ready to Boost your Sports Performance?