“Feeling empowered! Having been on the diet merry-go-round for almost 15 years, I now have the tools to gain control of my health once and for all. The biggest takeaway from working with John is that all foods can still be included in my diet whilst still progressing towards a goal. In the past, I’ve skipped birthdays and other social events due to the fear of going “off-track” on my diet. Since I started working with John, my mindset has changed completely. This past year, I’ve been to x2 weddings, multiple birthdays, had pizza with my family on a Friday night (the majority of them) whilst still dropping the weight. This is all down to John guiding me on the principles of nutrition. While I am not at my target weight yet, John has helped me lose 28kg over the last 14 months and unlike previous occasions I don’t feel like I am in danger of regaining this weight again.”

– Garrett, 44 Weight Loss